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Project Outline

Follow Our Progress Restoring History


Restoring the Depot

Restore the Depot at 220 Spring Street, repair and rehabilitation the right of way. restore the original Colorado Central Railroad depot and section house, which were both constructed in 1879, building as a functioning depot and museum. Operations are on going and will ramp up again in 2022

Restoring the Right of Way and Laying Track

CCRR has begun initial construction of  1,500 feet of the historic right-of-way with ties and track laid in fall of 2021. Currently the rail is ready to house an engine, tender, and baggage car, at the depot site, for display, and evaluation of needed repairs.

Central City Railroad (19)_edited.jpg

Repatriation of Engine #71

Next Steps include working with the Gilpin Historical Society and Central City to have Engine #71, tender and Baggage car #20 moved from their current location to the depot site for preservation and restoration. 

Currently Central City Railroad is working with the Central City Council to finalize this in early 2022 

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